Sprinting to bring good health to the community

Sprinters perform a broad range of preventive services in the home to equip primary care providers with actionable data to support better health.


A modern clinical workforce to dramatically expand access to care

We hire experienced phlebotomists from local communities and provide the training to serve patients the Sprinter Health way. Sprinters perform hands-on screenings for patients falling through the cracks of the healthcare system today, playing a crucial role in the early detection of preventable health issues and helping patients get back on track to better health.

Learn new skills

Blood draws are just one of many services in the Sprinter toolkit. We train in a combination of Medical Assistant and Community Health Worker skills, so you'll be performing a dozen new services in no time.

Work full-time

As W-2 employees, Sprinters benefit from full-time hours, industry-leading benefits, performance bonuses, and ongoing opportunities for professional growth and skill development.

Serve your community

Sprinters enjoy reliable weekly schedules working close to home and serving their local communities. No long-distance commutes means always being home in time for dinner.


We equip Sprinters with the tools to provide quality care

We developed our mobile care delivery platform to support Sprinters every step of the way, designed from the ground up to streamline your day while ensuring a high standard of care.

Automated inventory management and integrated diagnostic devices

Seamless schedule management and traffic route optimization

Sprinter Checklists™ provide step-by-step guidance through every visit

Discrete clinical escalation pathways and access to remote nurses for triage


Join our mission-driven team

Looking for full-time employment, expanded clinical training, and the freedom of working outside of facility walls? Apply to become a Sprinter today!
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I felt like part of a team from day one. Everyone is working towards a common goal: delivering excellent diagnostic care to patients in the convenience and comfort of their home.


Sprinter in Florida

Working at Sprinter Health has been the best work environment I have ever been in. Your voice is always heard and never forgotten.


Sprinter in California

Joining Sprinter Health was one of the best decisions I could have made. From day one the focus has been on how the team can support me to better meet the needs of the patients we serve.


Sprinter in California

Sprinter is a fantastic place to work. Great colleagues, great support, fantastic product, great benefits, excellent technology and manageable schedules.


Sprinter in California