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We provide the workforce and technology to bridge the last mile of healthcare, sending fully-employed nurses and phlebotomists into the home to collect the data you need to keep patients healthy.
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Why Sprinter?

Sprinters extend the reach of remote and facility-based clinicians into the home, enabling a new patient-centered model of hybrid care delivery.
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Full-Time Employment

Our W-2 employment model ensures exceptional quality care, with an affiliate medical practice responsible for hiring, training, and managing our world-class team of Sprinters.

Workforce Optimization

Sprinters augment your skilled nursing and physician resources to optimize clinical workforce utilization, shifting data collection to the appropriate licensure and location to support proactive and continuous care.

Personalized Care

Our platform coordinates the logistics of in-home care delivery, from routing and supply management to guiding Sprinters through partner-specific clinical protocols that tailor each visit to an individual patient's needs.

How it Works

Sprinter Health makes it easy to reach your patients where they are.


Convenient Appointment Booking

Book in-home visits on behalf of patients using our partner portal, direct them to self-schedule in our patient portal, or integrate directly with our API.


Seamless In-Home Service

W-2 Sprinters (CPTs/LVNs) are sent to patient homes with optimized routing that takes travel time, skills, and supplies into account. Once in home, clinical checklists guide Sprinters through physician-validated protocols for each visit type.


Secure Specimen Delivery

Sprinters deliver or ship specimens to the lab and update their status with the patient and scheduler. We support Labcorp, Quest, hospital labs, and specialty labs.


Direct Lab Communication

The ordering physician will receive results directly from the lab when ready and can access detailed encounter summaries in the platform or by API.

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Our Partners

Healthcare Providers

We extend the reach of your clinicians into the home to meet patients where they are.

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Health Plans

We close gaps in care to ensure all members access the preventive services they need.

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Home Health

We free your nursing staff to focus on start of care and discharge visits.

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Digital Health

We save you and your patients time by providing on-site and in-home services.

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We provide the modern collection infrastructure that your patients expect.

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Life Sciences

We enable in-home screening and monitoring for patients in clinical studies.

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