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Reach your patients with ease

Get the data you need easily - for your patients and for you. We'll handle getting your patients' specimens to the lab, performing vitals checks, and more, giving your patients easy access to getting their lab work done. We save you and your staff time, reduce errors, and ensure consistent quality with our technology platform, customized for you and your patients’ needs.
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Blood Draws

Vitals Checks

Urine Samples

COVID-19 Testing

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Save time while reducing errors and improving the quality of your patient care.

Flexible Checklists

We reduce lab errors and improve patient adherence with our customized checklists that support your patient care plans.

Advanced Training

Sprinters are full-time employees (nurses and phlebotomists) that undergo thorough training to deliver premium care to your patients.


Our efficient booking, routing, and logistics systems save your patients time and get their samples to the lab faster.

How it Works

Sprinter Health makes it easy to support your patients’ lab work needs, from booking to results.


Easy Appointment Booking

You can book lab appointments directly for your patients, or direct them to book via the website when convenient for their schedules


In-Home Patient Appointments

Sprinters arrive at the patients’ home or office to perform blood draws, urine collection, vitals checks, health screens, and more


Secure Specimen Delivery

Sprinters deliver or ship the specimens to the lab and update their status with the patient and your organization


Direct Lab Communication

You’ll receive your patient’s results directly from the lab when ready so you can communicate with your patients

Who We Work With

We work with a variety of healthcare organizations to serve patients where they feel most comfortable: at home.
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Healthcare Providers

We extend the reach of your clinicians into the home to meet patients where they are

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Health Plans

We close gaps in care to ensure all members access the preventive services they need

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Home Health

We free your nursing staff to focus on start of care and discharge visits

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Specialty Labs

We provide the modern collection infrastructure that your patients expect

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Life Sciences

We enable in-home screening and monitoring for patients in clinical studies

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We save you and your employees time by providing on-site and in-home services

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