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We partner with healthcare organizations to make it easier for patients to receive high-quality preventive care from where it’s most convenient.

Who we are

About Sprinter Health

We partner directly with health plans and health systems.

We serve as an extension of your doctor and primary care team.

We provide preventive care to help keep you healthy.

How much does a Sprinter Health visit cost?

Sprinter Health partners with healthcare organizations across the country to provide in-home preventive care at no cost to you. Reach out to your health plan or provider to see if you’re eligible!

What if Sprinter Health isn’t covered?

If your health plan or healthcare provider doesn’t currently work with us, you can still book a visit for a simple upfront fee. Don't worry, you'll never receive a bill from us after a visit is completed!


No waiting, no hassle


Book your in-home visit

Choose the day and time that works best with a few simple clicks. After booking, you’ll receive reminders on how to prepare for your upcoming visit.


Meet your Sprinter

You'll receive status updates when your Sprinter clinician is on their way. When they arrive, just show them where you'd like to complete your care.


Get on with your day

After your visit, we take care of the rest! We'll send your results to your doctor as well as take care of any follow-ups. We've got you covered.

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"Randy explained the process very well, answered questions, and was very professional. Glad my health plan is reliable in choosing a professional service."

Patient in California

"I couldn't find anywhere to go to get this done. This is such a blessing. You may have just saved my eyesight."

Patient in Utah

"Jasmine was very kind, professional and I felt completely comfortable with her, that is important to me."

Patient in Florida

"I'm a caregiver therefore Sprinter made it more convenient for me to get care. My first visit may have saved my life. Thanks Jasmine"

Patient in Michigan

"Rosario was wonderful. Knowledgeable and even calming. My blood pressure even dropped the second time she took it!"

Patient in Florida

"Stacy was professional and knowledgeable. Also, we are thankful to her for traveling through a snowstorm to make the appointment. Much appreciated!"

Patient in New Hampshire

"Darlene was great. She makes the experience easier. Her smile and great personality put me at ease. Hopefully, if and when I need the service again she’ll be the one who visits."

Patient in Massachusetts

"Shakeeta’s service was wonderful. She explained everything in detail and went the extra mile and called her team leader when she was concerned about my numbers for my BP."

Patient in Michigan

"Nicole was super kind and calm, professional and efficient, I felt totally safe and cared for."

Patient in Massachusetts

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do healthcare organizations offer this in-home service?

Healthcare organizations are committed to providing preventive care. They know getting the right care can be tough due to cost, time, and inconvenience. In-home care makes it easier for all to get access to important care that helps prevent future health issues.

Why do organizations partner with Sprinter Health for this service?

Recognizing our proven track record, organizations choose to partner with Sprinter Health to make sure their patients receive exceptional and trustworthy care.

Will I have to pay anything?

For those who have health plans and healthcare providers who work with Sprinter Health, there is no cost for our service. For those who do not, our services are available for a one-time fee of $99 paid upfront via credit card. You won't have to worry about any surprise fees or unexpected bills.

Why is Sprinter Health contacting me directly?

If your health plan or healthcare provider works with us, they’ve provided us with your info and asked us to reach out on their behalf. That means you’re eligible to receive a fully-covered in-home visit to make it easy for you to complete the tests and screenings you’re due for.

Are these the same services I typically get at a hospital, clinic, lab, etc.?

Yes, but at home! It’s all about your convenience and comfort without sacrificing quality. In fact, it’s more personalized with our full dedication to you. No distractions commonly found at a clinical facility, and of course no traffic or waiting rooms either.

I’m a bit uncomfortable. Can I trust someone to come into my home?

It's a fair concern, but know that our Sprinters are a part of your community too. They're licensed medical professionals who have undergone extensive background checks and training. Your safety and trust is most important, and they're dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of care.

Do I have to book a visit at my home?

No, not at all! During the booking process, just tell us where you prefer the visit to take place. If you would like for us to come to your workplace, we just ask that you check with your employer first to make sure it's permitted.

I’m too busy, how long will this in-home visit take?

Visits are quick and take as little as 20 minutes. You choose the day and time that works best for you. No need to sit in traffic or a waiting room. We'll also keep you updated on the Sprinter's arrival, so you're always informed.

How do I book my in-home visit?

It’s simple! If we work with your insurance plan or healthcare provider, you’ll receive messages from us with a specific link to book your visit. If we don’t work with either, you can still book a $99 visit. Contact us at (209) 677-7468 or and we'll be happy to help.

What happens after the visit and who will get my test results?

After your visit, there’s no additional commitments. We’ll drop off any specimens we've collected to the lab and share your results with your doctor.

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