Sprinter Health and Story Health Partner to Expand Access to Care for Patients with Heart Disease

Sprinter Health
April 27, 2023

Menlo Park, California - Sprinter Health, a mobile diagnostics company, and Story Health, a health technology and services company that provides scalable specialty care beyond the clinic, today announced their partnership to bring elevated healthcare into the homes of patients with heart disease. 

Heart disease is widespread and impacts nearly 50% of American adults. From hypertension to heart failure, heart disease costs nearly $219B each year and continues to be the leading cause of death. Patients with heart disease require multiple clinic visits and medication changes to adequately manage and treat their disease, which often means they must travel frequently to the clinics and hospitals for appointments and lab testing.This can be particularly challenging for older patients or those who live in rural areas, where access to care is limited. 

The partnership between Sprinter Health and Story Health aims to address these pain points by expanding access to care and improving compliance with guideline-directed medical therapy. Sprinter Health is providing in-home mobile diagnostic services, including blood draws, while Story Health offers scalable specialty care, including treatment optimization and patient support.

"We are excited to partner with Story Health to help bring care to the home for patients with heart disease," said Max Cohen, CEO and Co-founder of Sprinter Health. "As we've gotten to know the Story Health team, we've been highly impressed with their pioneering approach to care that focuses on a patient’s journey outside of the doctor’s office, where keeping folks healthy through proactive interventions is key.”

“At Story Health, we see time and time again how logistical challenges can significantly impede patients’ ability to receive optimal care. Tasks like transportation to complete lab work can be debilitating obstacles for these patients,” said Tom Stanis, CEO of Story Health. “By partnering with Sprinter Health, we’re able to provide these patients with mobile phlebotomy services and timely lab results. This enables medication regimen adjustments to happen safely and efficiently outside of a clinic visit, ensuring patients receive optimal care sooner.” 

This partnership, which launched earlier this month, initially serves patients in Utah. The companies plan to expand their services to other regions in the future.

About Sprinter Health

Sprinter Health is a mobile diagnostics company that leverages technology and a high-quality clinician workforce to reimagine in-home healthcare delivery. By partnering with healthcare organizations, Sprinter Health provides comprehensive diagnostic services that drive engagement with preventive care and equip partners with actionable data – resulting in better patient experiences and better health outcomes. For more info, visit www.sprinterhealth.com.

About Story Health

Story Health is a healthcare technology company that is re-imagining complex care management, virtual care delivery and patient navigation. With a technology-enabled and human-powered approach, Story Health is on a mission to transform each patient’s care journey by enabling clinicians and institutions to implement and scale continuous specialty care delivery to every patient with heart disease, leaving no patient behind. Story Health is led by CEO Tom Stanis, co-founder of Verily, CPO Nikhil Roy, and cardiologist and CMO Ashul Govil, MD. For more information, please visit www.storyhealth.ai.

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