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Sprinter Health and Naveris Partner to Expand Access to NavDx® Cancer Blood Test

NavDx® is the First and Only Clinically-Validated Circulating TTMV DNA Blood Test that Aids in the Detection of HPV-driven Cancer.

Menlo Park, CA., February 3, 2022 – Sprinter Health, an on-demand mobile health service bringing personalized and affordable healthcare services to the home, today announced a collaboration with Naveris, a molecular diagnostics company dedicated to improving patient care through early detection of virus-related cancers.

The partnership will improve the detection, treatment, and clinical management of HPV-driven cancers, such as head and neck cancers, by augmenting the convenience of Naveris’ lead product, NavDx®, which requires regular blood draws. Patients living in Sprinter Health service areas will be able to easily schedule a visit from a Sprinter Health nurse or phlebotomist (also known as “Sprinters”) to collect blood specimens for the test in the comfort of their homes.

The NavDx blood test uses proprietary technology to detect circulating tumor tissue modified HPV (TTMV) DNA.  NavDx® helps healthcare providers optimize the clinical management of HPV-driven cancer by accurately assessing treatment response, identifying the presence of post-treatment molecular residual disease, and conveniently monitoring for recurrence.  The test has been shown to accurately detect cancer recurrence a median of four months earlier than it would present clinically via PET or CT scan, which can facilitate earlier intervention of salvage therapy.

“Patients being monitored with NavDx® need regular blood draws, so we want to make sure they have a consistent, positive experience and don’t have to navigate a complex system just to get their blood specimens collected,” said Piyush Gupta, CEO of Naveris.  “Sprinter Health’s tech platform makes booking appointments easy for our patients and customer support reps, and they have become a partner we can count on to deliver high quality, reliable care that our patients love.”

“Barriers to access can hold back progress toward better care.  Lowering these barriers starts with using technology to improve the patient experience,” said Max Cohen, CEO of Sprinter Health. “My father is an oncologist, and I’ve seen firsthand the difficult journeys of patients and families experiencing cancer.  We’re proud to play a small part in helping patients access Naveris’ innovative test, and look forward to expanding our partnership throughout 2022.”

Both companies have been working together in California for several months and plan to expand the partnership to new states in the first half of 2022. 


About Sprinter Health

Sprinter Health brings the last mile of healthcare into the modern age by sending nurses or phlebotomists ("Sprinters") into the home for quick and affordable lab draws, vitals checks, COVID-19 testing and more. Online booking, reminders about fasting, text messages with estimated times of arrival, and follow-up care instructions make these healthcare interactions as easy as ordering food delivery, whether it's initiated by a patient, a healthcare provider, or a specialty lab partner. For more information, please visit Sprinter Health. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Naveris, Inc.

Naveris' mission is to improve outcomes for the millions of individuals at risk of developing viral cancers. The company applies its innovative and patented technology to develop molecular diagnostics which enable earlier detection of viral cancers. Naveris' flagship diagnostic, NavDx®, is a blood test that supports the clinical management of patients with HPV-driven cancers. Since its launch in 2020, NavDx has become integrated into daily medical practice by over 500 physicians at 200 medical sites, including the majority of the leading Oncology Centers of Excellence in the US. To learn more, visit naveris.com.

1. Chera BS, Kumar S, Shen C, et al. Plasma circulating tumor HPV DNA for the surveillance of cancer recurrence in HPV-associated oropharyngeal cancer. J Clin Oncol. 2020;38(10):1050-1058


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